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Tacoma, Washington


All of our lives tell a story. Mine might be similar to yours; it’s like a rags to riches story filled with circumstances I may or may not have liked, but which have lead to my best life ever.

I grew up in Joplin, Missouri; have lived in the State of Washington since the early 90’s. I’ve have two grown children (only one who wants relationship with me); five siblings (one who chooses to like me). I’ve lived through addiction, prison, divorce (twice); lost everything multiple times to GAIN EVERYTHING IN JESUS.

My heart delights in seeing the beauty God has created this land to be. Can you imagine, His delight for us is so GRAND that He placed such beauty around us; so as we would know the Wonder of His nature. In this I take JOY; our God loves us in GRAND fashion and always will. My hope is that through my life, my photography, my stories & testimony’s, you might know LOVE, even if you’ve never known it before. May you encounter His presence, healing, and restoration as you scan and read these pages. And if you know LOVE, may you encounter Him in greater measure; may you even be inspired to create what God has given you to create.

“It brings me great delight to hear the testimony of Jesus through your life, photography, and stories.”


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